Cheap Brazilian Straight Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions have and always will be one of the largest virgin hair markets in the hair extension industry. With so many different types of hair inundating the market – Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese, European, Burmese, etc. – it’s hard to really understand the difference and importance of choosing the correct type of virgin hair for yourself.

Virgin hair is hair that is unprocessed, untainted, and taken straight from a doner’s head with cuticles intact and flowing all in the same direction. When a customer searches for bundles of hair from a distributor, the expectation of a bundle of virgin hair is to have hair that has been cut off directly from a donor through ponytail cutting and packaged all together. Each bundle of hair should only contain hair from one single donor cut in a way to keep cuticles going in the same direction to prevent shedding, fraying, matting, and tangling Once the hair is cut, it is washed and disinfected all together and then each hair is applied to a weft to create tracks. The use of machines to weft hair and the use of a double wefting technique ensures more sturdy and long lasting wefts or hair. Upon completion, the hair is tied up into a bundle and is sold accordingly.

hair-bannerAuthentic Brazilian virgin hair comes directly from Brazilian donors. Due to the exceedingly high demand for Brazilian hair, the market for donors in Brazil is huge and many poor or working class people are paid to grow their hair and sell it in order to make money. This brand of hair is specifically desired by women of color due to its ability to match the textures of our hair so seamlessly. The hair is neither too fine or too course, but a perfect blend in order to achieve any desired style.

Straight Brazilian Hair Extensions are never completely bone straight in their virgin state. They always have some type of crimp or wave in them due to the rigid and strong texture. This is actually a really great quality because it will allow you to heat style it and add products without fear of the hair losing its integrity too quickly. Brazilian hair extensions will last over a year or even more with the proper protection and care given to them. The feature that most women love about straight Brazilian hair extensions is its volume and density as compared to other extension types. With Brazilian hair extensions, most consumers can get away with two bundles of hair for a full head depending on what type of style and install they’d want. The hair is so thick and sturdy that customers save money in the long run by not having to buy as many bundles and being ale to rely on the hair to stay healthy and fresh for a year or more.

Proper care of Brazilian hair extensions extremely important when extending the life span of the wefts. Constant manipulation of the hair with heat styling tools is ill advised as you can obtain more split ends and the hair will become so dry that it loses its body and shine. The great thing about Brazilian hair extensions is that they hold a curl really well so many people can get away with curling their hair with heat only once or twice a week and be able to maintain a flawless style. Maintaining the hair boils down to making sure that the proper precautions are met to avoid tangling, fraying, splitting, matting, and drying of the hair extensions. Washing the hair once a week is recommended to avoid stripping the hair of too much oil but also to wash away buildup from products so that the hair stays flowy_ Using deep conditioning treatments every other week will certainly help the hair maintain moisture and stay as beautiful as when you first bought it. Always sleep with your hair covered by a silk or satin material in order to prevent friction from breaking the hair unnecessarily. Applying leave in treatmentsand using heat protectant on the Brazilian hair extensions before heat styling will increase the longevity of your hair.

Brazilian hair extensions are an amazing type of hair to invest in if you’re looking for hair that will give you a bang for your buck and last a very long time. Buying straight hair with the proper care and attention given you can ensure that you hair will look fabulous and stay healthy.


Maintaining Your Brazilian Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions
Hair extensions have become essential for women to sport new hair dos without actually going through the hard work of growing lustrous hair. I could style my hair by adding a nice genuine Brazilian hair extension since it matched very well with my hair. It had the same shine, thickness and softness of my natural hair. And 10 and behold! I could now style my hair in ten different ways thanks to the added volume and length. Shopping for cheap Brazilian straight hair extensions has become very easy thanks to the million or so websites who promise to supply quality hair extensions at lower prices. Brazilian hair extensions are not at all difficult to style. In fact you can leave them straight or get them curly or wavy using the curler. Having ordered the product from a reliable website for good money, one can assume that the product will live up to our expectations. Once your hair product arrives and you start using it, it will become quite obvious that like all other products, this one too needs maintenance.

So let us discuss some of the best ways to maintain our Brazilian hair extensions to get the most out of it.
1. Brazilian hair extensions are similar to natural hair especially if they are made out of virgin hair. They will react to dryness or moisture in the atmosphere.
2. The best way to keep the product intact is to keep it in a vacuumed bag and sealing it till you use it the next time. Any change in the temperature can also affect the hair quality.
3. Using big toothed combs to untangle the hair is a good idea. Do it gently as rough brushing will result in hair falling from the clip-on.
4. When travelling, please keep your hair extensions in a separate sealed pouch and then use a straightening iron to straighten the hair when you want to use it.
5. Shampoo your Brazilian hair extensions every once in a while even if you are not using them as regularly. This will clean the product including its clip-ons. Once that is done do not forget to apply a conditioner to get that fine shine and straight flow. A leave-in conditioner would do the trick.
6. Allow your hair extensions to dry naturally as much as possible. Too much heat from hair dryer will leave it frizzly and lifeless especially if it is made from synthetic chemicals. Be gentle with it and let it dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, slowly blow dry the product by setting the hair dryer to low heat. Excessive heat will kill the hair’s texture as well.
7. Check the material with which the hair extension is made of. If your product is made from virgin hair then it deserves high maintenance. If it is made from synthetic material then you need to make sure it is never placed in a heated area. Mind you raw materials do make a difference. I have heard of synthetic hair extensions melting in summer time when exposed to direct sunlight for longer hours.
8. lf your hair extensions cannot be removed then make sure that you take extra care while showering because Brazilian hair extensions will react to water and the hair might curl or be wavy if it is virgin hair. However synthetic hair products do not change much.
9. Do not use herbal or alcohol based hair products as they are known to dry them out making them brittle in the long run.
10. Consult you hair stylist or hair expert in case you find any difficulty in using your Brazilian hair extensions. They can suggest ways to remedy the situation.
11. During winter months many women experience static while wearing their hair extensions. Simply wet your hands and run them over the static hair but make sure that the hand does not touch the hair. This way the hair will not be static anymore.

To tell you the truth, cheap Brazilian straight hair extensions are the easiest to maintain. They are far sturdier than other virgin hair products. Brazilian hair extensions, synthetic or otherwise need proper care and attention to remain useful to you for years to come. A well looked after hair product is a sure fire way to save money in the end.

The Type Of The Brazilian Hair Being Bought By Someone

Looking good is one of the most important things in the life of a woman. A great deal of importance is given to grooming and looking beautiful Brazilian Hair. The hair factor has been considered to be one of the most important factors when considering the beauty of a woman. Sadly enough not every is blessed or lucky enough to have those long Indian hairs or with genes that allow long hair to grow But this does not mean these unlucky sisters can’t also have the long hair look and rock just as good as if it was their real hair. Thanks to synthetic human hair the world have embraced the beauty of long Brazilian hair as the new sensation in fashion and beauty. This new fashion item has rocked the walls of beauty and targets everyone from the very well dressed female celebrities to the simple girl in the neighborhood. You can rock the same hairstyle BeyoncĂ© has thanks to the Brazilian hair. Due to its wonderfully soft texture and natural shine is preferred by many from different ethnicities. It is thick and durable and its density is very comfortable.

Brazilian Hair

The Brazilian hair is being manufactured by many companies and due to the high demand of this wonderful by the female population in the world makes it a very valuable asset. There are some very unique features that manufacturers and consumers of these wonderful product consider when making and buying it.

1 . The Color: the hairs come in different colors depending on the customer’s personal preference. The dominant colors in hairstyling black and blonde face a stiff competition when it comes to Brazilian hair because colors vary from blonde, redheads to the crazy colors of Nicki Minaj like green, blue and baby pink Apart from the wide variety of colors, the Brazilian hairs have been made in such a way that the consumer can decide to change the color of the hair at their local salon without the fear of damaging the quality of the Brazilian hair. A new twist to the colors has been added where you find the manufactures have used two more colors to bring a more stylish effect to the Brazilian hair. The mixing of colors has received plenty of positive response from the consumers and are most preferred.
2.The length of the Brazilian hair: the Brazilian hairs come in different lengths measured in inches. They start from 6 inches and some are longer than fourteen inches all depending on what the consumer prefers. The longer Brazilian hair extensions have been known to be more popular in the market compared to the shorter ones. Many people find it more fashionable and classy to use both the short and very long hair extensions.
3. Maintenance of the hair: many buyers look at the fact that can the hair be sustained for a long time. Many prefer the Brazilian hair because it is just as good as the human hair doesn’t need complex maintenance procedures or constant trips to the beauty parlor for retouch. Just a simple wash and toning gives it the new look and keeps it durable. This makes it possible for it to sustain its natural look, also the hair allows for different styling depending on one’s personal preferences.
4. The price of the Brazilian Hair: the prices are very friendly and affordable. Also a consumer is given many of buying the different bundles available in the market. Some go for 3 bundles at 90$_ The prices vary depending on the length and the type of the Brazilian hair being bought by someone. The longer and classier the hair is, the more expensive it is.
5.The Style of the Brazilian hair. The hairs come in different style. Straight, curls and kinky curls. The different styles have different prices the curly ones tend to be more costly. But then the Brazilian hair gives one the option of having to choose from these many hairstyles once one has bought the hair extensions… With the possibility of changing the hairstyles, curliest hair can be turned into straight by just toning or visiting your hair stylist.

Another factor that is considered, but not given much importance is the manufacturing company. Some companies produce very high quality Brazilian Straight Hair that is in very high demand. The only challenge is, that the better the quality the higher the price. The Brazilian hair is one accessory that every 21 St century woman needs as part of the essentials needed for looking good